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See how I can meet your filming + editing needs. I can diagnose + fix many technology related issues.

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About Me

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I am a digital native and proud Canadian. I was born with a natural affinity for all things technical and mechanical. I have logged thousands of hours honing my skills in all areas of computers and technology, and more recently in the visual arts. I am the go-to-guy for all technology related questions amongst my friends and family.

Like many young geeks, I launched a YouTube channel in 2006 with a goal to help educate, inspire + connect with other techies. This developed my skills both on and off camera.  The experience of working in many different roles, sometimes at the same time, gave me a solid understanding of the various aspects of filmmaking. It also gave me an opportunity to experiment with editing software and kick start my passion for editing.

I am currently a student at the University of Victoria where I am completing a Computer Science degree. I am excited to expand my knowledge and skills and look forward to a future of possibilities.


Summer Camp Instructor
Vancouver College Finnigan Summer Camp 2014: developed and delivered a week-long an animation camp using Blender for beginners aged 10 - 14 yrs

YouTube channel
Techguyification: reached 90,000+ views, 220 subscribers in 3 years, producing a small income stream (regular video production ceased in 2014)

Website Development
Techguyification: original site developed prior to any formal education in programming.

Built Multiple Custom Computers
Multiple clients: built several PCs for others choosing each component to suite their technological and budgetary needs

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